Local Loop Unbundling LLU - LLUB

Local Loop Unbundling is where the Countries Incumbent telecomms operator is required to lease access to its copper lines to other Communications Providers (CPs). This is normally enforced by a regulator to create competition in the market. These service providers then install their own broadband equipment (i.e. a Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer - DSLAM) in the Incumbents Central Office. The equipment is then able to access the copper line out to a customers premises via a handover frame. The incumbent is still responsible for fixing faults on the copper line and the voice phone service (Plain Old Telephone Service - POTS).

It can be more difficult to diagnose faults on this new network wiring as both parties would like to quickly pass the fault to the other one.

To overcome this situation and improve testing it is possible to insert a Test Access Switch Matrix (TASM) into the configuration. Both the ILEC and CLEC can add Test Access Matrix (TAM) into their areas and test independently. The options on equipment location are shown below.


Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) and Competetive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC)



Test Access Matrix / Test Access Switch Matrix

MTAM - Modular TAM fitted dirrectly to the DSLAM. No additional wiring or foot print required. More>

In-Line TAM - Mounted in a cabinet and in line with the cables, use either side of the Handover Distribution Frame (HDF) by both operators. More>

ETAM -Exchange TAM, rack based equipment configured into the internal wiring.

LLU Tam - Specifically designed for the ILEC and matched to the number of DSLAM ports for easy expansion. More>

CTAM - Mounted in the street cabinets and most suited to Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) where the DSLAM is also housed in the cabinet. More>

HDF - Hand Over Frame TAM.   Handover Frame

Test Head

The equipment that can carry out Copper Line Testing, a minimum would be dc voltage, ac voltage, resistance, capacitance, short circuits and disconnections. More>


Intelligent Switch Matrix Controller (ISMC)

The ISMC controls all the TAMs and TASMs, it can also interface to the Test Head or work as a slave to the Test Head. More>

Cabinet Test Controller

Designed specifically for street cabinet applications this unit contains the ISMC and ports to control Test access Switch Matrix equipment.It also incorporates a powerful Test Head making it ideal for FTTC integration and offering copper line test from the cabinet to the customers premises. More>

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