Test Access Switch Matrix (TASM)

Rack Mount TAM / TASM

Higher capacity is possible using rack mounted TAM, expansion is easy within the same rack.

Connection paths vary depending on the location and requirements.

1) Both sides to the Main Distrbution Frame (MDF).

2) One side to the Main Distribution Frame, Second side direct to the equipment.

3) One side to the Main Distribution Frame , Second side to the Handover Frame (HDF).

4) Forms the Hand Over Frame More>

Rack Mounted TAM


In-Line Modular TAM

In-Line Modular TAM fits directly to the DSLAM port. Variants are available for the most common types of DSLAM currently available and new modules can be designed quickly for any DSLAM not catered for. The Test Access module is fitted between the DSLAM port and the cable, no additional cables or foot print are required. It is easy to retrofit these modules to existing live sites with minimum downtime.

 Huawei DSLAM  Alcatel DSLAM  Lucent DSLAM
In-Line Modular TAM In Line Module TAM In Line Modular TASM


Cabinet TAM (CTAM)

The roll out of Fibre to the Cabinet has introduced a new set of testing problems. The DSLAM is now remote and placed in a street cabinet, connected back to the Central Office by Fibre. The copper voice may still be provided by the old copper network or over Voip from the DSLAM but the final path to the customer remains on copper. Integrating the Cabinet Test Controller (CTC) with Test Access Switches Matrix (TASM) allows the Service Provider to remotely access the circuit, test the DSLAM port and perform a copper line test, all from the office.


Street Cabinet - empty shelf installed

FTTC Cabinet being Installed


Street Cabinet - Test Access Switches fitted

Close up of Cabinet TAM Shelf